The 200

A big birthday looms in April and I’m not getting any younger. It feels like a good time for a proper bike ride.┬áThe 70’s, 100’s and 150’s are OK, but then what do you do with the rest of the day? A 200 would be really nice as would the lie-in the next day.

Saturday 2nd June is the chosen day, but the variables of wellness and weather may yet interfere.

The route:

A rough itinerary:

TimeDistance (miles)Place
09:0055St. Andrew's Cafe, Histon
13:00104Rodwell's Fish & Chips, Watlington
17:00153Sunshine Cafe, Whittlesey

You may notice the customary emphasis on nutrition and the curious absence of references to red wine.

One thought on “The 200

  1. So it is 13 August and I’ve just realised I failed to update this. The ride was done on Sunday 2 June 2018 and now I know how to ride 200 miles, and I know that next time it will be easier. I have a real lack of talent for pacing and went off like something grim off a shovel. Certainly my fastest 100 miles at an average speed of over 16mph, and I don’t ever remember needing or enjoying a Full English so much. The Downham Cafe in Downham Market is highly recommended.
    The following 50 miles were for the most part easy going due to them being mostly flat. I’m not sure there exists a public right of way over the entire route, but the worst reaction was a raised eyebrow from a surprised land-owner / worker. So, 150 miles and I am at Whittlesey. Next time you fancy ice cream and lemon meringue pie try cycling 150 miles beforehand. I guarantee you will enjoy it so much more, especially if it is so hot you could fry eggs on the road. The Sunshine Cafe in Whittlesey is a special place!
    Back on the road with only 50 miles left. As luck would have it there was a bicycle race in and around Peterborough. I’m sure they didn’t plan it so as to disrupt my ride but it certainly did. I had contacted the organisers the day before, but they would not let me use the bit of their route that coincided with my route. That left me no choice but to use the A605. This was without doubt the second, third or fourth most scary experience of my cycling career. Add to that the fact that my legs were suddenly completely useless and it was an altogether unpleasant and very slow and painful experience. It was a case of just grinding away until the remaining miles dropped away. At 190 miles the inane grinning started. It was only then that I knew I was going to make it. If you had asked me at any point earlier in the day I would have said ‘of course I’ll make it’ but I would have been bluffing then.

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