24 working days left

… and yes, I am counting every one.

Preparation continues and I wonder how we ever managed anything without the Internet. Hopefully my bike is almost ready. I should get my first look on Friday and I have a list of extras to think about. Actually ‘extras’ is probably the wrong word for things like pedals and saddle.

Pedals – how complicated can it be?

You wouldn’t believe the complexity and industry that has grown around something as apparently simple as pedals! I used rat-traps with toe-straps in my teenage years, but since then have always used flat pedals and whatever footwear happened to be on my feet at the time. My first footwear plan for this tour was for stiff soled cycling / walking shoes with neoprene overshoes for wet weather. Having settled that I started to read about the advantages of being ‘clipped-in’. Mindful of the disadvantages, ie falling off / over with a bike stuck to your feet I was set against. Then I found some nice waterproof shoes with SPD fittings that allow walking without the ‘Bambi on ice’, ‘duck-walk’ or ‘ballet dancer with piles’ look. So, anyone want to buy a nice pair of unused flat cycling shoes with neoprene overshoes?

Weight saving and clipped-in makes a double whammy for help-on-the-hills, and so stylish too!

Incidentally, the pedals that you clip yourself to are called clip-less pedals. Makes perfect sense-less.


Now this must be simple. I know that bicycle manufacturers put a simple ‘placeholder’ where the saddle should be so you can choose something anatomically realistic. Whilst they don’t actually say you should never sit on it, this must surely be an unspoken rule. Have you seen them? Instrument of torture is an understatement!

Look at this…


Why would you sit on something like that when you could have this?


or this?



4 thoughts on “24 working days left

  1. That last picture cannot be a saddle. I must be a mistake. It certainly would be to sit on it!

  2. All of these photo’s look like instruments of torture!
    You say you are worried about your knees, I think you worries will be concentrated somewhere between your knees and waste!

  3. When did push bikes become so complicated?

    Shortly after they stopped being called push bikes I expect.

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