People do ask what I am taking in the way of kit, but when I start to tell them they fall asleep. So, for the insomniacs…

BikeSpecialized Diverge Sport A1 2015 - with more gears than anyone could ever need. Whatever happened to the Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub?
CustomisationsSpecialized 'Plug and play' mudguards. More like drill the holes, dismantle the bike, swear and have a rest mudguards.
Sora triple chain ring (save my knees on the hills).
Rear pannier rack
Tools etc.Cycle multi-tool
Small pliers
Brush/scraper tool for chain cleaning
Bike pump
Tyre levers
Spare inner-tube
Cable ties
Cable combination lock
Stiff wire for making twists
Length of gaffer tape
Chain lube
Tyre boots
Puncture kit
Swiss Army knife (Explorer Ultra with Metapnosis and goingforabikeride customisation) includes cork screw
LightsFront light
Rear light – pannier mounted
Rear light – bike mounted
Rear light – waterproof jacket mounted
Mini headlight – me mounted
LuggageTOPEAK rack bag with integrated panniers
TOPEAK Bar bag
Small waist bag (£3.45 on ebay)
Spare Drysack for groceries
Bungee for strapping on the groceries
AccomodationVaude Lizard GUL 1P one man tent (all 690 grams of it)
Foil space blanket to keep the mud off my groundsheet
Self-inflating mattress (if you are prepared to wait)
Inflatable pillow
Sleeping bag and silk liner
ClothingUnderpants (colour co-ordinated with the goingforabikeride theme)
Non-cycling shirt
Cycling base layer shirts x 3
Lightweight hi-vis vest
Trousers x 2
Favourite cycling / walking / slouching jacket
Waterproof over-trousers
Hi-vis waterproof jacket with removable over-helmet hood (looks lovely!)
Waterproof cycling shoes with removable cleats and rubber inserts
Waterproof gloves
Fingerless cycling gloves
Cycle helmet
Tooth picks
Dental floss
Shower gel
Shower cap (thanks Penge!)
Rubber duck (thanks again)
Wet wipes
Navigation / CommsMap - coast of Great Britain. This is just the coast, but very detailed. Took ages to stick the pages together and cut out the coast.
Map - Cycle routes of Great Britain – almost intact. Copious notes added from various other maps (thanks SUSTRANS)
Galaxy S5 – bar-mounted back-up phone and primary navigation device in waterproof case. Loaded with OSMand for offline navigation and turn by turn routing with voice prompts, logging to .gpx and more features than you could shake a selfi-stick at.
HTC One phone - also loaded with OSMand and
Sony aluminium super-light Bluetooth keyboard for use with the S5 for e-mail, blogging etc.
EntertainmentFM Radio / MP3 player
Kindle Paperwhite
Neckband headphones which I do wear when cycling, but not for music... they keep my ears warm.
CameraOne or two selected from Sony RX10, Sony RX100, Fuji X100T, Sigma DP1 Merrill, Sigma DP2 Merrill, Sigma DP3 Merrill
SD Cards
Micro SD cards
Micro SD to SD card adapters
Lenspen Mini
Lens cloth
Power2 x wall-wart double USB chargers
5 x USB charging cables
RavPower 15,000 mAh rechargeable power pack
Spare battery for Galaxy S5
Spare camera battery(s)
10 x CR2032 batteries
4 x AAA batteries
1 x AA battery
Eating / drinkingWater purification tablets
Flameless ration heater x 2 (emergency use)
Plastic bowl
Plastic spork
Titanium spork
Wine glass
SIS Gel packs x 2
SIS Energy bar
2 x tube of SIS hydration tablets (these are expensive but they are so good). One day I will write about the day I had cramp in both thighs at the same time. Wish I could draw cartoons!
Misc kitWashing line
Midge spray
Waterproof notebook
Write even upside-down pen (so I can write to someone even after I have fallen off)
Stuff it with clothes bag pillow
Needles, threaders and thread
Plastic carrier bags
Credit cards
Utility bill
Sunglasses Very special, supplied by my sunglasses sponsor Aspex. Cosmos with 5 x interchangeable lenses: Orange, Red Revo, Smoke Polarised, Clear and Orange Photo-chromatic.
Postage stamps (for sending the bumped head letters)
Cash (not nearly enough I suspect)
20p coins (one too few I'll bet)
50p coins
Drugs – various (all legal)


4 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. Didn’t fall asleep, one burning question – what does the whole lot weigh ?
    Passport for crossing SNP borders – right ?

  2. Uhmmm… what to weigh? Everything including what I am wearing? Including the bike? Old habits die hard, I need a specification.

    The passport? What if I get to the coast and decide not to turn? There is of course the subsidiary function of proving ID when collecting emergency supplies Poste Restante.

    Update coming soon re departure. Saturday 18 April. Seems an age away.

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