A lovely send off…

but so far, so silent. If it were not for the trace on the map it could all be fiction. Of course, even the track could be fiction. I could have hired a taxi driver to take my SatNav around the coast for me. Two things say I didn’t:

1. Too expensive
2. Zoom in on the traces on the map. A taxi driver wouldn’t get that lost
3. Taxi’s are not allowed on cycle tracks

I am finding it difficult to get everything done each day, so writing is not getting the attention I had planned. Instead, for now at least, I will update the new Picture of the day page on a daily(ish) basis.

I do have a sore bum, my knees have given up complaining because nobody is listening, and after a couple of serious drenchings I now have sunburn to deal with. Do you have any idea how much a bottle of sun-cream weighs?

I will see if I can get some mileages posted, although kilometres are my preference these days because they are so much shorter.

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