Day 11 update

Well Day 11 is done and I’m still going. I have to make Thurso in the next 10 days where my bike will undergo some serious maintenance. The parts should arrive just before me. I might have a shave to celebrate.

The poor bike has done dual-carriageways, A roads, B roads, unclassified roads, unspeakable roads, cycle paths, cinder tracks, dirt tracks, fields with no tracks, flights of steps up, flights of steps down, sandy beaches and lovely mown grass.

I have nasty sunburn on the back of my hand, my knees are shot, and my legs look like those of a younger man. Not that I do a lot of looking at the legs of younger men of course.

The track and pictures are all updated, the daily chores are done, the washing is drying and tomorrow it is going to rain all day. It’s all character building.

4 thoughts on “Day 11 update

  1. Your not selling it very well, dut the progress you are making and the pictures are fantastic. I hope the bits for the bike, and you, meet as planned. Is there a plan to fit an armchair in place of the saddle aswell, you seem to have forgotten to add that to your write-up! Robinson Crusoe did four years without a shave while he explored his Island ….

  2. Hello Simon, Been looking at your log. Aren’t you doing well – Is Thurso in Scotland ? Its raining today. Is it raining where you are ?

  3. Hi Gill
    Thanks for posting, and for donating.
    Thurso is right at the top of Scotland, a way left of John O’Groats. The weather has been kind to me really. You could count on 3 hands the number of times I have been drenched. Just a couple of times today.

  4. Yes, but he didn’t have to ride a bike. Imagine getting your beard caught in the chain whilst pedalling like fury!

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