Day 16 – Elgin today, Inverness tomorrow.

Today was to be a half day, but it was still 3.30 before I was knocking on the door at my B&B in Elgin. I met an Elgin cyclist on the road today (Hi Clive). I couldn’t help but compare the lovely silver cogs and lightly oiled chain on Clive’s bike against my black and grungy clogged up equivalent. I am a bit short on cleaning gear, but I found a suitable pull-in and got to work. I’ve read that one of the secrets to travelling light is to take items that can be ‘dual purposed’. Anyway, my teeth are a bit black this evening, but my chain looks lovely!
Things are going well, and the weather (b. cold today) has been very good to me. I am suffering with a touch of thermidore leg due to a brief experiment in the sun with lycra cycling shorts. For somebody that is (now) in the habit of plastering his face and neck with Factor 50 perhaps I should have seen that coming? Hey ho… drink before I’m thirsty, eat before I’m hungry, apply sun cream before my skin blisters. I’ll get the hang of it.
One or two people have asked how many miles I’ve done. The truth is I don’t know. I can get an approximation from the GPS log, but it will be short. If you zoom right in on the Current Position map you can see that due to the logging interval I seem to take a lot of shortcuts across buildings. This is just a notional line joining the logged positions. How much shorter is this series of straight lines than the actual route? Who knows. Anyway I’ve done a lot of miles and have about 4 x a lot left to do. By the way, in case you haven’t seen it, there is a drop-down control on the top of the map. You can swap the Google Map view with various other views e.g. Google aerial. You can almost see the actual rock that I sat on to eat my Aberdeen Buttery lunch yesterday.
From wikipedia, “The buttery was originally made for the fishermen sailing from Aberdeen’s harbour. They needed a roll that would not become stale during the two weeks or more that they were at sea. The high fat content meant the rolls also provided an immediate energy source.”
Uhmmm, perhaps four was three too many.

I managed to delete some comments instead of posting replies today. Looks rude, but is really just incompetence.

Ken, I have put an additional reply below your first post.

David J. Made me laugh. Post it again, I have a smart answer… as you would expect.