Day 18, and there’s a distinct lack of haggis.

The next stretch will take me from Dingwall to Thurso where my bike will get some presents and some proper maintenance, and I will get a day off.

It is fair to say the land / water arrangement from Inverness is not entirely convenient. I think the usual route is to go from Inverness, up the Black Isle to Cromarty, take the ferry from Cromarty to Nigg, and then head for the A9 and you’re away up the east coast. Well I could have gone to Cromarty and waited for the ferry. They run every half hour, but not until the end of May, so it would have been quite a wait. Should I have cut out the Black Isle completely? That’s hardly within the spirit, even if it’s not strictly against my rules. So I decided to go around the edge of the Black Isle as best I could.

Here is an elevation plot of the ride.


With the cold, the wind and the rain, and after the 5 mile hill and some serious sweating, I was feeling chilled on arriving at Cromarty. The place was deserted. Turned out they were all in the cafe. Good idea!

2 thoughts on “Day 18, and there’s a distinct lack of haggis.

  1. That is some serious hill climbing. I can’t help feeling it would have been easier with an engine.

    Enjoy your day off.

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