Why did nobody tell me about the mountains?

What a day! Superb weather for cycling, a nice early start, and not too many miles to Lochinver. What could possibly go wrong?


Well there it is. That’s what went wrong. Nobody said anything about this. The downs were terrifying! The ups were… terrifying

Had a lovely pie in Lochinver though. That and a glass of Malbec made it all worthwhile.

6 thoughts on “Why did nobody tell me about the mountains?

  1. Did you ask about the hills?
    That said, it seems to me that ‘hills’ for most part, are the uppy – downy scenery that one encounters in the Highlands!

  2. Of course you have a point… I didn’t actually ask. And yes, without the ups and downs it would be like the fens. I’ll stop whining.

  3. 🙂
    Well no actually, but that scene isn’t dissimilar to the one that greets me each morning. It takes about an hour to get it all squashed and re-packed. The tension in my pannier is intense, and the ‘stuff’ sacks breathe in over the course the day. I have strings on the zips so they can be pulled from a safe distance.

  4. I don’t want to spoil your mood…. but I’ve looked ahead on your route, and I think there might be at least one or two more.

  5. Hi Tim

    Thanks for posting… I think.

    Bealach na Ba around Sunday. If I manage that I should be able to cope with anything. If I don’t manage that I’m not sure what happens. It will be fine.

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