All done (?)

Today the weather was lovely and I had a super ride to Machynlleth. So why did I choose today to give up?

I finally admitted to myself that it was inevitable. My knees are not in good shape at all, and there’s only so much Ibuprofen one can take before the side effects become a problem. So I had a choice. Carry on for a few more days at most or give it up.

Thank you to those that sponsored me. I hope you don’t feel too cheated.

Thank you for the posts. I loved the posts!


12 thoughts on “All done (?)

  1. Dear Santa, I loved all of the holiday pics you sent in – really really really enjoyed them.
    Are the reindeer strong enough to get you home before Christmas ? Will you give them some of that red water ?
    Your decision is usually final but are you aware that the list of jobs to do here is as long as the coastline !
    Rest well, wherever you are today. C & C

  2. Wow! what an absolutely amazing achievement,

    I see a splendid opportunity once the knees have recovered / been replaced to start off in Machynlleth next summer, raise a whole load more money and complete the lap. If anyone out there feels cheated of their sponsorship then they really do not understand the magnitude of what you were letting yourself in for.

    The photos have been wonderful and the commentary amusing, make sure you have the rest you deserve … I’m guessing your knees might not let you forget it for a while!

    When you begin planning for the second half, don’t forget your comb and your bus pass.


  3. Good work Mr R. You have achieved a great thing, you can be rightfully proud.

    Also you appear to have achieved a great beard, of which you can also be proud.

  4. Simon

    I think your achievement has been brilliant. You have gone so far in such a short space of time (although it probably feels like years to you).
    I have enjoyed following your posts and seeing your photos.
    Thank you for the entries on your blog – I feel like I have travelled round the country with you.

  5. Hi Andrew
    The knees are waking me up at 3 am. Not sure why it should be so regular. Anyway I am exploring ways of harvesting the heat they are generating.
    Not sure about a second half, but never say never. The comb is safe in a case behind glass. Can’t be too careful with these things.

  6. Penge
    Thank you. The beard is history though. No new species discovered, but what a lovely scourer it made. I used it to clean up my brake discs.

  7. Hi Simon, I have been away and only just seen that you have had to throw in the towel. I have watched your tour with great admiration, you should be very proud of yourself, well done. Hope to meet up sometime in Whittlesey, pork pie is on me.

  8. Simon,

    I’ve *been away / busy / didn’t give a toss (*delete as appropriate).
    Sorry to read that you have had to wimp-out before completing your circum-something (or is it navigation) of the rim of this fair-isle.
    Joking aside, I doubt that I could have done what you have, so you should be proud of your achievement.
    I bet you will have many fansastis memories of the trip and some ideas of where to go on holiday (in the car!)
    Maybe, you could do the left-overs when the ‘ole legs’ have recovered.

    Bravo that man!

  9. Hi Ken

    Pork pie? Never turn down a pork pie. How far is it to Whittlesey? I am back on the bike, but hills are a problem. Perhaps I’ll drive.

    I’m working very hard to get myself in a fit state to finish the job. If I lose the the tent I can lose the sleeping bag, mattress and pillow. I am losing weight. I can afford to lose a stone, but it is slow going. My bike has been to the Specialized shop where they turned it into Frankenbike for me. It now has the ‘granniest’ gear I’ve ever had. And who needs spare clothes?

    After resting for about 4 weeks I am exercising like a thing possessed. Walking seems to be helping, not sure about cycling. Pedalling is OK, but it has to be fast pedal, slow progress. Too much resistance and you could fry an egg on my kneecaps! (Probably a very bad idea for all sorts of reasons).

    I’ve done about 300 miles on the bike and 45 walking in the last couple of weeks. Some days I think I’m ready, other days I think it’s not viable. Anyway, decision to be made towards the end of August. If I’m going to finish it needs to be this year.

  10. Ah Chris, there you are.

    Thank you for the kind comments. I know I’m a wimp. It has always been the same. Aim low, fail early, move on. Quite pathetic really!

    Of the options offered I choose ‘didn’t give a toss’ because it is ‘you’ and is of course least likely to be true.

    Finishing the job is in my head every day and it starts when I wake up. Unless of course I’ve been on the Malbec. Then it takes a few minutes to remember my name, address etc., before I can start worrying about putting right my failings.

    I haven’t given up yet…

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