Final position… (Day 52)

Set off as planned from Kings Lynn on Saturday 18 April. If things go to plan the map will show a blue trace to denote the accumulated route, with a red trace to indicate the latest day’s travel.

Updates will not always be posted on the day of travel, but hopefully will not be too far out.

The trace shows my progress up to and including Monday 8 June when I bailed out and bought a train ticket home.

29 thoughts on “Final position… (Day 52)

  1. Thanks Chris.

    You like to cycle. I can recommend NCN 1. In particular the old track bed heading down to Robin Hood’s Bay from the Scarborough direction. A 15 minute white-knuckle ride with multiple high speed near death experiences. Exhilarating and terrifying!

  2. Hi Simon, I’m sitting here in Whittlesey following your tour in utter amazement. Sustrans passed onto me the email you recently sent them. I’ll be following your route with great admiration and envy.
    To jog your memory I’m the tall, keen Sustrans cyclist, chatty smiley man who interrupted you while you were eating your pork pie in Whittlesey. Will a book be following?

  3. Hi Simon, We are following your progress with great interest. We have mocked up a large’Whole of GB’ map –cannibalising an old road atlas where we track your route and your daily position.
    Are we going to have any words and pictures ?, or does this process take place when you return home?.
    We particularly liked your report on the ‘John o’Groats’ trip. Are you hoping to meet your bovine friends on this trip?

  4. Hi Ken
    Good to hear from you. That’s twice you’ve made my day!
    I wouldn’t rule out a book, but it is not planned that way. Naively I thought there would be time to write a post each day, but there is so much to do apart from cycling. Eating, doing the washing, looking after the bike etc. but mainly eating.

  5. Hi Mo & Mike
    Nice to hear from you. I too have a map made up of atlas pages. I had to buy two copies because some pages had critical sections on both sides. Worried about the weight of all that non-coastal paper I then cut out the coast and threw the rest for re-cycling. I tear off a bit each day.
    The map on the Current Position page is ‘zoomable’. You can zoom right in and see where I am hopelessly lost, or have taken the bike to places that bikes shouldn’t go. Did a fair bit of that today.
    Glad you like the John ‘O’ post. I did enjoy that trip and the cow picture is one of my favourites. I think it would be rude not to look them up.
    Words are thin on the ground due to time pressures. Pictures are appearing now on the ‘Picture of the day’ page (accessible from the horizontal menu). There is even the odd word.

  6. Your pictures are amazing and show you have had some brilliant weather. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks Jon. Good to hear from you. The weather has been really good. Sunshine is a bonus! I’ll carry on for a bit 🙂

  8. Good luck tomorrow, Simon. Are you using the pedestrian tunnel or using the ferry to cross the Tyne? I think you are coming up to one of the most beautiful parts of your journey. I just love the coastal route all the way up to Aberdeen! Gan canny!

  9. Thanks Val
    The tunnels are closed, so it will be the ferry. I’m looking forward to that. Bikes go free. Riders have to pay though.

  10. Looks like you are making good progress.
    I looks forward to a few more piccies and words of wisdom … !

  11. Hi Simon,

    It didn’t real register with me the scale of which you are riding, partly because I had no idea where Kings Lynn was and probably because I was half asleep. But that is impressive, and I’m definitely going to keep watch as you go.
    By the way, this is Daniel, son of Colin, who you had breakfast with at the BnB in Alnwick.
    Good luck, for the rest of your journey! It was a pleasure to have met you.


  12. Hi Chris
    Good to hear from you.
    Pictures I can do quite quickly. Words of wisdom are proving difficult. Any words are proving difficult. Too much to do. The bike needs attention, the constant clothes washing, the eating!

  13. Hi Daniel, and Colin.
    Thanks for looking and for posting. Bikes, cameras and breakfast made a really good start to the day. Nice to have met you too.

  14. Hi Simon – you seem to be making very good progress – the “current position” map is excellent (especially the bit that shows you cycling out to sea in Sunderland!) – as are the photographs – Keep up the good work.

  15. John, nice to hear from you. From a software developer par excellence I feel truly complimented. Of course other folks do the clever stuff, I just do the string a chewing gum.

    I can’t imagine why Google haven’t mapped the Roker Lighthouse. I think it is quite important, or used to be before Satnav.

  16. Hi Simon,

    Following your progress with interest and awe ! In the words of Brucie, “didn’t he do well”. Keep safe. Watch out for Meggie.. you never know where she might be.. trying to nip your ankles…

    Gill x

  17. Hi Ken
    Something went awry with comments today and I’ve managed to delete yours and another. Time for pictures? Many of them are taken half-way up a hill… nothing to do with needing a rest though.
    The time to reaching the chimney was 78 minutes. Some of the surfaces were on the dreadful side though. I reckon you’d not be far off on a road

  18. Penge! Nice timing. All I can say is Berriedale! In the sunshine, and rain, and hail, and snow (yes, it snowed) and the biting wind. Character building though.

  19. Simon,
    You are fast approaching one of the most beautiful coast-lines.
    The beaches at Durness are stunning.

    Just remember, you have gone ‘up’ the coast line and are now at a point where you can come ‘down’ …. if only all the riding were downhill ay!

  20. Hi Chris

    Sadly the weather has been even more stunning, but I can imagine the difference a little sunshine would make.

    Now are you saying I may encounter up hills even though I am heading down? That can’t be right?

  21. You’re certainly racking up the miles! Do you know how many you’ve done? How is the Mosquito situation in Oban? You may need that net yet!

  22. Hi Val

    I don’t know how far with certainty. I thought the Satnav logging would be good enough to tell me, but the time between points logged is such that it is significantly short. I think it must be between 1600 and 1800 miles. I know Scotland is bigger than it looks.

    As for mossies, midges and cleggies, no problem at all so far. I may have timed it just right. On the other hand, we have a Bank Holiday weekend coming up… maybe they have!

  23. Hi SIMON,
    As you know we are tracking your progress the old fashioned way with coloured pens and paper maps_____dinosaurs!
    The last few days have confused us, more than usual that is! Day 33 Kilchoan…We spotted this on our map about 15th south of Oban on Loch Melford. Then Day 34 destination Oban
    What is going on? Heading north again. Sorted now, found Kilchoan No.2 opposite Mull.
    Só did you sail direct to Oban from Kilchoan if so that must have saved your knees.
    Last question____Was the picture of Tobermory taken from the ship?
    Be warned we are watching you.
    Most and Mike.

  24. Hi Mo &Mike

    The thing is, I have to stick to the rules… if I feel like it.

    I sailed fom Kilchoan to Tobermory. The picture was taken from Tobermory dry land. From there I cycled along the edge of Mull to Craignure where I took another ferry to Oban. Of course, I hid on the vehicle deck until it was roped off and then cycled in and out of the cars and coaches during the crossing.

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