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  1. I am very pleased for this little sub-menu for the picture of the day feature … My thumb was getting sore and I have almost worn a hole through the screen of my iPhone …. (I think I will go for an android next time)

    Amazing progress and amazing weather! I doubt I would have made it beyond Lincolnshire, stay safe :o)

  2. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for posting.

    It was getting a bit out of hand, and a pain to update too. I suppose if I did things ‘properly’ the new stuff would appear first.

    The weather has been really good, mostly. I don’t mind the hail and the rain, you soon dry when it stops. The wind though… it robs your speed away and rarely gives anything back.

    Thanks too for the e-mail you sent before I left. Made me smile.

  3. Hi Simon – you’re making good progress.

    I hate to say this, but I’ve been doing some software testing – your “Day 1-13” is a circular link and I didn’t get to see all your excellent photos.

  4. Hi Simon. I have meaning to check up on your progress for sometime but one thing or another has prevented me from doing so. Some of it has been down to my memory though. Wow, you have made good progress and the weather looks like it has been very kind to you. It has made me feel tired just thinking about how many miles you have completed. Keep up the good work, I mean pedaling. The photos are lovely, keep them coming.

  5. Gary! Great to hear from you.

    I’ve had some lovely weather. The camera tends to stay in its bag when it chucks the snow, hail and rain.

    The good days more than make up for the bad though, and I’m getting a bit of exercise.

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