As usual I had a specific objective for this trip. Inspired by images of reflections in the wet boards of various piers I researched and decided Cromer Pier would do the job.

When I arrived the weather was lovely. Warm sunshine, fluffy white clouds and a nice breeze. I quickly offloaded my stuff at the ‘modest B&B’ and headed back to town armed with my Canon EOS 7D and the EF 24-105mm f4 L. Loved this lens on the 7D cropper, love it even more on full frame.


Just had to take this for the colours.


Look right…


Look left…


And straight on… to the beach. Yes I know, way too much processing, but I like it. Loads of detail!


It was not long before I decided to get myself onto the pier for a spot of lunch. By the time I was settled with my cress sandwich (memory fading… might have been something with chips) the wind was picking up and the clouds were gathering. A nice glass of red was smoothing the rough edges nicely.

And the the heavens opened. I could not have asked for more. Lovely wet boards, lovely reflections, and a nice jaunty angle (possibly by design, but more likely by the wine).


Cromer has a lighthouse. It is OK, but difficult to take a spectacular picture of. Something amiss with the grammar there? So here is a non-spectacular picture.


The co-operation of the weather continued into the evening. Warm sunshine, glass of wine, sunset, an unsuspecting fisherman and the Panasonic GF1. I think they took a wrong turn with the later GF models. To borrow a Peepshow phrase, she was The One.


And here is the fisherman. He had a rod and a hat and his hair was blowing in the breeze just right.


I looked back through the pictures and found something a bit more dramatic of the lighthouse.


Sheringham and The Poppy Line

I am no train spotter (no really), but I do think steam trains make a lovely subject for photographs. The weather wasn’t up to much, but I think a bit of rain and mist adds atmosphere. Here are my favourites from the day.




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