Westonbirt Arboretum, Bath (including a day at the races), Clevedon and Weston-Super-Mare

These images from Westonbirt were all taken with a Sony RX100. I have fitted this camera with a Gariz gold coloured ‘bling kit’. There is no doubt that the ‘bling kit’ may improve the image quality by up to 500%. DSC00135DSC00139DSC00158DSC00166Ok, I did eat the Lemon Drizzle Cake. DSC00168I like this one. Makes me want to know what is around the bend… DSC00171DSC00193It really looked like this. Warm sunny lovely day. DSC00198A bit of a howler here. Lots of potential for a nice shot, and I manage to position a flower head right in the doorway. Doh! SDIM0484-EditFinally I am in Bath. This authentic looking statue is a least 4 years old. SDIM0523Sigma DP Merrill cameras… nothing captures detail like these cameras. SDIM0526And so to the races. SMK34205Horse with stable person. SMK34212A Happy Horse! Didn’t win though. SMK34284My considered opinion after my first trip to the races… If you watch motor racing on TV you get to see all the action, often more than once, from more than one angle. It can be really exciting. If you watch motor racing at the trackside, then every now and then the cars come past and one gets the opportunity to jump up and down and get excited. If you watch horse racing you get one chance to try and spot your horse before they all go past and the race is over. This is not value for money. I won actual money at this event, but on reflection, if I take into account the entrance fee, the drinks, the food and the losses… I lost actual money at this event! SMK34356And so on to Clevedon… SMK34301This pier was built from railway track. And, it won Pier of the Year in 2012 or 2013, one or the other. SMK34344Notice how the water resists any urge to reflect the lovely blue of the sky. I am told that the rich brown colour is due to a disused and now flooded cocoa mine. It’s not all bad though. If you scoop up a cupful and leave it in the sun for a while you have a delicious beverage to accompany your egg butties. SMK34316I like this one because you can’t see the cold cocoa water. Pity the boards weren’t wet though. SMK34375And finally on to Weston Super Mare. I made a point of researching why this place has such a strange name. And for the life of me I can’t remember what I  discovered. These beach images have real atmosphere when viewed at full size. SMK34369Weston Super Donkey? SMK34361SMK34381aSMK34384Nice dibber… I suspect it would have your eyes out given half a chance. SMK34387

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