Who is this person?

This is he, at work. Caught smiling, or was it just wind? More than likely drunk in any case.


Subject matter aside, I like this picture for two reasons. One – Adrian took it, two he nailed the focus and three it was taken with the Canon 85mm f1.2 L.

I am not actually this old, and sometimes I have proper hair. Also, the strange jowly neck thing was a transient condition caused by pies.



2 thoughts on “Who is this person?

  1. Great to have you with us last night (27/2/15).
    Keep on biking

    From the white horse Risby

  2. Thanks Justin.

    I didn’t get to the museum, but it is on my list. Arrived home yesterday. The ride from Cambridge to Northampton was quite a challenge.

    Looking forward to the real thing.

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